X-Gen E2

Traditional carpet systems are made by manufacturing artificial surfaces in rolls that require special equipment for handling as well as glue and in-fill for installation. Our X-Gen E2 portable turf breaks from tradition by using a modular system, which is manufactured in ready-to-assemble panels (1.2 X 2.3 meters) that easily fit together using overlapping fastener linings. This creates a much safer portable turf system as compared to regular interlock panels or traditional heavy rolls.

E2 prefab


The unique system construction makes it the ideal conversion system for arenas, gymnasiums, and multi-purpose facilities. The E2 panel system’s unique construction process is also perfect for portable and permanent outdoor use.


All NEXXFIELD E2 portable turf systems are built with our exclusive Hybrid Flex shockpad series, which is a more resilient olefin product than regular friable expanded polypropylene (EPP). The E2 includes a durable, flexible shockpad that’s ideal for frequent installation/dismantling and comes with the same safety features as the EPP. While slightly less stiff than standard EPP, the E2 is a more flexible molded product with improved tensile elongation and tear strength, with similar shock-absorption properties. It also can be molded using less energy (lower steam pressure) than standard EPP.


The E2 is available in its original version for maximum playability and heavy use, or the E2 Sport version with shorter pile height.

  • 4’ x 7.5’ panel
  • Hook and loop faster system
  • Guarantied 250- cycles minimum
  • Pile height: 1’’ (25mm)
  • Face weight 65 oz
  • REVERSE technology
  • HYBRID FLEX closed cell shock pad
  • Gmax under 90 for all warranties
  • Class 1 fire rating for indoor facilities
  • No heavy metal content and free of VOCs
  • Optional drainage system
  • In the market for over 15 years



Includes all X-en E2 Sport features, plus:

  • Pile height: 1’’ 3/8 (34mm)
  • Face weight 80 oz


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American Football, Baseball, Fitness, Indoor Multisport, Lacrosse, Playground and Recreational, Soccer


No Infill



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