After many years in development, NEXXFIELD is proud to present our patent-pending NEXXFIELD Reverse Series. The Reverse design offers the ideal ratio of face yarn to base yarn for optimal traction, stability, comfort, and softness against the skin.

The Reverse Series proves that a turf system can perform well without infill—and even outperform natural and infill systems.

How does it work? Simple!

High Denier Thach zone fiber

NEXXFIELD worked for over two years to find just the right configuration for our Reverse Series. We tailored our yarn design by developing a high denier thatch zone fibre with a high bulk texture and combining it with a high-density face fibre with a lower denier.

  • Thatch fibre with high deniers
  • Thatch fibre turfed immediately after its extrusion for optimal texture
  • High resiliency thatch PA polymer
Reverse - Nexxfield

Some statistics

Higher total thatch ratio
To achieve this perfect balance between shoe traction and stability, the Reverse system is composed of a unique, patent-pending ratio of more than 51% thatch zone yarn.

Reverse stats1 - Nexxfield

High-performance traction without the use of infill

Internal tests performed at the NEXXFIELD’s R&D laboratory showed that Reverse Series systems performed just as well as natural turf.

Reverse stats1 - Nexxfield

Regular turf system

Reverse stats3 - Nexxfield
  • Lower thach zone ratio
  • Infill required
  • Low resilience fiber in PE or PA
  • Low Denier tach zone = low durability
  • Don’t meets FIFA and ASTM standards.
  • Risk of foot lock
  • High fiber flatness

Reverse face yarn/tach zone

  • Min 20% more of thach zone for min 51% of the total system weight.
  • No infill required
  • High resiliency PA polymer
  • High Denier tach zone = high durability
  • Traction results meets FIFA and ASTM standards.
  • Low risk of foot lock
  • Low fiber flatness
  • Patent pending