T-Cool sand and rubber

T-Cool Pre-Treated sand and crumb Rubber are a great alternatives to traditional infill. When applied with T°Cool® technology, they become significantly cooler than its untreated counterpart.

T°CoolPT® works on the same principle as human perspiration. Stored moisture is slowly released from the pre-treated crumb rubber, removing heat energy and allowing a surface the turf surface to cool. The process is commonly called an Evaporative Cooling Effect.

T°CoolPT® captures water from rainfall, dew, or irrigation and stores it for later use. As the sun’s radiation heats up turf, T°CoolPT® releases moisture, keeping the turf surface cool for up to four days from a single hydration cycle.

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    T°Cool® products have been laboratory-tested and confirmed to keep your turf surface up to 50° cooler.

    Contributes to turf system durability by eliminating infill compaction

    T°CoolPT® Crumb Rubber enhances performance on sporting fields.

    Guarantees material durability by protecting against oxidation, UV-radiation, and low wear

    T°CoolPT® treated Crumb Rubber provides the same level of safety and comfort, with respect to HIC and G-Max, as found in untreated Crumb Rubber.



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