New NEXXLINE for the portable X-Gen E2 system

With repeated use over time, infill surfaces become uneven due to movement of the infill. This may cause variability in ball behaviour and may compromise player safety. The fifth generation X-Gen is the culmination of extended testing by Nexxfield's R&D department, led by the scientist who designed the world's first FIFA recommended non-infill product. Nexxfield has developed the ultimate non-infill product line in terms of performance, safety and pitch durability.

This system's concept is based on human factors aimed at optimizing impact absorption from running and falling onto the ground without interfering with energy restitution during normal running and sprinting. This system ensures constant ankle stability during the game and during practice. By adjusting the NEXXPAD™ density, it is possible to set different performance levels for use in other sports. The adapted Polyamide Grip™ zone provides the perfect balance for traction without compromising player safety; normal stud shoes usually requested by high-level players can also be worn.


Making the wrong yarn choice or using the wrong combination in a non-infill product can prove disastrous even after only limited use. Using the wrong yarn such as only polyethylene can result in a flat and slippery surface. Using the LISPORT® studded roll wear machine, this Nexxfield-designed product remains intact and split-free after 10,000 cycles of testing.

* All our test as been done at the UQAM

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