Research & development

Research and developementAll too often, so-called developments in artificial turf technology are limited to simple carpet testing. Representing the culmination of a two-year full-time research and development program, NEXXFIELD products are the world's finest artificial sports turf systems.

To perfect these state-of-the art systems, NEXXFIELD established its own full-time R&D department headed by Frédéric Vachon, the pioneering designer behind the world's first FIFA-recommended non-infill modular artificial turf system. Mr. Vachon has spoken at major international conferences, including ESTO, AMI and UNMF, and has attended technical meetings at FIFA and UEFA headquarters in Switzerland aimed at developing and improving the standards adopted by the artificial sports turf market. In addition to our extensive internal resources, partners such as the world-renowned University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM), Quebec Industrial Research Centre (CRIQ), Labosport and Testing Services Inc. (Dalton, GA) support our continuous R&D program through independent third-party testing.

The internal R&D approach for NEXXFIELD products is an exhaustive process consisting of the following five steps:

Mechanical Testing

Mechanical testing description

Biomechanical testing (player perception)

Biomechanical testing

Rotational test

Traction test


Durability testing

Third-party certification


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