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RAC (Rebound Air, Control)

RAC (Rebound Air, Control) Rebound Air Control is a system exclusive to Nexxfield and to its NEXXPAD underlayment. This principle consists in incorporating a 4mm air cushion between the underlayment and surface cover. This air cushion is flexible enough not to interfere with the players' comfort and stability yet provides sufficient pneumatic resistance to reduce ball bounce by 15% as compared to other market underlayment. This technology allows Nexxfield systems to achieve ball bounce meeting the highest international standards and also no longer be dependent on infill compaction and collapsed fibers.

RAC (Rebound Air, Control)

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C.A.S (Carpett Anti-Slip)

C.A.S (Carpett Anti-Slip)Artificial turf systems are subject to high shear force applied by athletes during rapid changes of direction and scrum. Systems with less or no infill need high friction with the base or the pad to prevent carpet movements. The Kombi and X Gen systems are designed to work with NexxPADTM and its C.A.S technology to provide higher carpet stability than just a normal 100% rubber infill laid on compact stone and other regular system configurations. The Carpet Anti-Slip technology is patent pending and is exclusive to NEXXPAD.

C.A.S (Carpett Anti-Slip)

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During scrum an other brutal actions imposed on the sport surface, some shear stresses are directly transferred to seams of the artificial turf and can damage it. By drasticly increasing and virtually "locking" the turf on the NEXXPAD, shear stresses are absorbed by the NEXXPAD and automatically reduced on the seams.

C.A.S (Carpett Anti-Slip)

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Grip Zone™

Grip ZoneGrip Zone™—a result of the University of Quebec at Montreal's biomechanical and mechanical testing program—offers the perfect balance between rotational resistance and safety and traction during rapid stop-and-go action using a non-infill system. The composition, tufting pattern and face weight of Grip Zone™ provide the optimal balance with straight yarn without compromising player safety, stability or ball behaviour. The normal stud shoes usually requested by high-level players can also be used with Grip Zone™. The X-Gen system using Grip Zone™ meets international traction standards and football requirements.



Micro-HooksULTRA-MATE® high-technology hooks (HTHs) are engineered olefin-moulded hook fasteners providing superior closure. A result of years of research by the Velcro companies, HTHs feature unprecedented fastening performance. As part of a patented process, the HTH tape are coated with an olefin adhesive and then laminated with the Olefin NexxPAD, providing a 100% recyclable pad system. Velcro’s skilled engineers, technicians and operators have expanded their range of expertise, making the Velcro companies the undisputed leaders in plastic hook forming and finishing technologies.


Micro-hooks are very low-profile with over 1,700 hooks per square inch. The hooks are only visible under a microscope.


  • Proprietary hook shapes
  • Good closure strengths
  • Recycling capabilities (disposable to long life)
  • Density of 1,700 hooks per square inch
  • Flexible
  • Adaptable: products may include custom features, from unidirectional hooks to wide selvedges or channels
  • Consistent hook shape and height

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Grip Dress™

Grip DressPlay at a higher level with Elastomer Coated Sand Infill. This unique formula of two engineered elastomers and high-purity quartz sand combines the shock absorption performance of crumb rubber and the ballast performance of raw sand, while minimizing health and environmental concerns.



Main properties

  • ONLY 2 lbs./sq. ft. (10 mm) in the Kombi Pro 165 using the NexxPAD or
  • Food-grade, FDA-compliant elastomer coating
  • No heavy metals or harmful chemical compounds
  • No static charge
  • Ultra-low abrasive index
  • Keeps athletic fields cooler
  • UV-resistant for longer life
  • Won’t separate like sand /crumb rubber mixtures for easier maintenance
  • Ideal shock absorption over the life of your field

GRIP DRESS - FLEX SAND advantages over Crumb Rubber Infill

Ultra-low abrasive index - The smooth elastomer coating causes far less skin and eye irritation.

Won’t cling to skin or uniforms - FlexSand Action has no static charge, making it far less likely to irritate wounds and abrasions, or to be carried away from the field under a static charge.

UV-resistant - Unlike rubber, FlexSand Action won’t lose elasticity when exposed to sunlight and continues to be shock absorbent after exposure to the elements.

Won’t “kick out” - FlexSand Action is heavier than crumb rubber and stays in place, maintaining an even distribution of infill. Reduced “spray” means less likelihood of inhalation and eye irritations.

Keeps fields and players cooler - Elastomer coated sand absorbs less heat than black crumb rubber and cools down faster. On average, FlexSand Action keeps fields 20°F (11°C) cooler than crumb rubber infill systems.

Better washout resistance - Unlike crumb rubber, FlexSand Action doesn’t float, so rain won’t wash it away, reducing maintenance costs and the potential for hazardous run-off issues.


NexxDRAINNexxDRAIN is on the cutting edge of sports field design. The super efficiency of water transference through the surface makes synthetic drainage superior to the common gravel method. NexxDRAIN™ is incorporated in the NexxPAD™ and doesn't require additional trays, mats, grids or flat plastic pipes.

The main advantages of NexxDRAIN™ synthetic drainage are as follows:

  • Drains faster than the common gravel method. This makes event cancellation due to rain virtually impossible, so revenue is not lost due to rainouts.
  • Stores 4 litres of water per square meter.
  • Eliminates water accumulation in synthetic turf fields due to heavy rain.
  • Allows for lateral drainage design.
  • The price range and the multi-application system give designers and sports field contractors a distinct advantage, regardless of regional variables.
  • Installs in only a few days instead of a few weeks, enabling sports field contractors to dramatically increase the number of installations they can complete per season.

NexxDRAIN Video



New NEXXLINE for the portable X-Gen E2 system

Nexxline is the latest technology developed by Nexxfield. This unique technology integrates the durability advantages of permanent in-laid lines in a portable turf system limited in the past to only painted lines. Recently, the City of Blainville in partnership with the Blainville Equestrian Park made X-Gen.E2 Pro portable system with the Nexxline technology their final choice for the indoor soccer field measuring over 20 000 sq.ft. Every year, the Blainville Equestrian Park hosts international Equestrian competitions and needs access to the indoor facility. The portability allows the field to be removed in under 3 hours and to be reinstalled in less than 6. ''This unique line system will increase the edge this state of the art system has over competition and will give users the possibility of changing their field configuration at every new field installation'' says Frederic Vachon, Technical responsible and COO of Nexxfield.


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