NexxFILLTraditional 3G artificial turf systems have a reputation for overheating and being uncomfortable on hot summer days. A number of studies show that the surface temperatures of infill synthetic turf systems can reach 93°C on days when the air temperatures is 37°C (Brakeman, 2004).

The NEXXFIELD research and development department investigated several ways to address this issue and developed the TPE NexxFILL™ in collaboration with several chemical companies.

NexxFILL™ is a thermoplastic elastomer with the characteristics of a conventional thermoplastic (such as polypropylene or polyethylene) and the performance properties of a conventional thermoset rubber.


NexxFILL's advantages include:

  • Granules with specific particle shapes and sizes.
  • Recyclable by heating to the melting point of the plastic cross-linking material.
  • Contributes to turf system durability by eliminating infill compaction.
  • Eliminates environmental risks and other risks jeopardizing the health of humans and animals.
  • Guarantees material durability by protecting against oxidation, UV-radiation and low wear.
  • Reduces the heat.
  • Internal studies also indicate that NEXXFIELD NexxFILL™ infill can reduce fire propagation in comparison with traditional black SBR.


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