Nexxfield® - Simple, Innovative and Proven

Biomechanics, durability and safety are vital components of Nexxfield® technologies. What this means is that countless hours are spent testing and analyzing different material combinations to create innovative high-performing lines of products that go beyond current industry standards and expectations. Since the beginnings, the results are impressive and unprecedented. For example, the creation of a 4th and 5th generation of artificial turf including a non-infilled system (X-Gen) that fulfills all European requirements and is 100% heavy metal free and Kombi PRO™ that incorporate modest amounts of alternative infills. These, along with our flagship panel system X-Gen E2™ developed in partnership with Velcro® Canada Corporation and of course the NEXXPAD™ considered by many experts to be the best shock pad in the market provide for a complete, cutting edge product line for user groups of all kinds.

Nexxfield® - Exceeding Players’ Expectations


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