The story about expanded polypropylene (EPP)

In early 2000, a company called XL TURF approach the Quebec University in Montreal to develop an artificial turf system using a shock pad underlayment. For this specific project, the University appointed Frederic Vachon to manage the project to further develop the use of EPP and an underlayment for sport surfacing for playing fields such as soccer and football. After investigations and testing, Mr. Vachon and the clients (Mr. Alain Lemieux and Seymour Tomarin) concluded that the Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) was the best material to be use as a shock pad under artificial turf. With this conclusion Mr. Lemieux and Tomarin filed in January a patent application called Resilient floor surface. In July 2001, the University submitted a report (Biomecanic and psychophysic evaluation of five soccer synthetic surfaces) to Mr. Lemieux and Tomarin confirming that the usage of EPP was an optimal solution regarding player’s safety. Because of his expertise in the product, Mr. Lemieux hired Frederic Vachon as the head of the R&D department. XL Turf was part of a study conducted by the University of Calgary Kinesiology department which in 2002 resulted in a published report called Properties of infilled artificial playing surfaces and the surface using EPP were included. After more than 1 000 000 square feet of EPP installed in Europe and North America, XL Generation previously named XL TURF with its production sister company called Polyprod introduced in 2005 the usage of expanded Polypropylene (EPP) shock pad with drainage channels and holes. In 2006, a public project (PDF file available) at city of Montreal specified the usage of expanded Polypropylene with drainage holes and connecting water channels. XL Generation installed this field with success and it last more than a decade. Frederic Vachon and NEXXFIELD’s team are proud to develop and propose shock pad made of expanded Olefin material since the early 2000 and if third party corporation pretend to be ‘’THE ONE’’ be careful. NEXXFIELD is ‘’THE ONE’’.


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