Nexxfield’s managing staff is well known by the athletic industry to be the pioneers of using EPP (expanded polypropylene) for athletics shock pad since the 2000's. After several cooperation before 2006 by sharing with European partners the Nexxfield’s know how for non-infilled turf and EPP shock pad, Nexxfield is now proud to bring back this world wide well known original pad configurations in North America with installations on the ground since 2005, representing more that 500 000 sq.ft. and having a high profile installation project in North America before April 20th 2017 and installed during spring 2017. This system had been tested by professional baseball players during winter 2017 and acclaimed to be the best shock pad for baseball athletic field. The simple original design of a perforated pad with flat and smooth bottom shock pad combined with the Nexxfield Patented top texture, Patent pending drainage and expansion system make this component the new thing for 2018 compared with competition pretending to be the inventor or EPP shock pad.Reverse Sometime less is more and that what Nexxfield is bringing back for athletic fields. Stay tuned!!


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