NEXXFIELD / NMP surface acclaimed project of the year by the CAM-AM league

Almost a year after the Canac Stadium was inaugurated, the new synthetic surface was chosen as the "land of the year" through the Can-Am League! This honor, given annually to the team that offered an impeccable surface after game, occurs about 3 months after the completion of the work that took place from the fall of 2016 to June 1, 2017. Despite the reluctance of some baseball lovers at the start of the season, the synthetic pitch proved its worth by eliminating false leaps, offering unequaled consistency for players on the field and ensuring the presentation of some parts despite the passage of strong rain in the minutes before the first throw. The City of Quebec has entrusted the management of the Municipal Stadium (now Stade Canac) to the Victoria Baseball Complex (CBV), a non-profit organization established in the fall of 2016. In addition to hosting the Can-Am and Quebec Diamond (LBJEQ) games, removable fences allow the field to be subdivided into two or three as required. The project completed in time for the opening game of the Capitals on June 1, despite the strike in the world of construction was valued at the cost of $ 3.3 million. It has given hundreds of young baseball players the opportunity to enjoy the professional facilities during their season. With this appointment, the surface of Stade Canac dethroned that of RCGT Parc d'Ottawa, which had been given such honor in the last two seasons.


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