The need for synthetic turf has been well established since the 1960’s with the search for the ultimate surface being elusive with often controversial results. Unfortunately, this industry was driven by carpet manufacturers interested in high volume production focusing on the wrong priority. The synthetic turf market suffered predictably with performance and safety issues particularly related to lower extremities and now more recently with the discovery of CTE related to concussions.

The Nexxfield management team recognized more than 15 years ago that the current infilled turf products were flawed to be able to achieve ideal performance and safety. Our focus became one of innovation to achieve the ideal surface characteristics for performance, safety and the environment.     This is why NEXXFIELD is the world pioneer of Non-infill turf system and shock pad for more than 15 years.

While the non-infilled market has started to penetrate the market over the last few years with some copy cats, Nexxfield has continued to innovate with extensive mechanical and biomechanical testing including the development of unique fibers to achieve further improvements in performance, safety and durability with the most natural look and feel to the turf.

After several years of development NEEXFIELD is proud to announce the launch of the patent pending NEXXFIELD REVERSED SERIES. The REVERSE designed achieves the ideal ratio of face yarn to base yarn for optimal traction, stability, comfort and softness on skin. The REVERSE series will prove that a turf system will perform well without infill and will outperform natural and infill systems. 

Biomechanical tests performed by the Calgary Human Lab showed:

·         Stiffness and energy return of surfaces were compared with infill system, the infill was significantly stiffer while the Nexxfield surface had lower stiffness. When comparing Nexxfield with the infilled system, running on the Nexxfield surface resulted in a decrease in the vertical ground reaction force impact peak compared to the infill surface. The Nexxfield surface reduced the initial impact peak by ~10%, which may be beneficial as an increased vertical impact peak has historically been speculated to be associated with injuries such as tibial stress fractures. Additionally, a reduction of this impact peak is associated with increased comfort.                                                                                                                                                         

        The peak ankle eversion moment and the net frontal plane angular impulse were decreased when performing a V-cut on the Nexxfield surface and reducing the amount of ankle inversion during a cutting maneuver may be favourable for injury reduction by preventing the ankle joint from entering into regions of its range of motion where the ankle ligaments may be prone to injury.  

STUDY: Performance Assessment of Nexxfield X-Gen with Reverse Technology Turf

Independent study performs by the world recognized Calgary Human Lab show that the new NEXXFIELD REVERSE series procure a safer surface compared with infilled system with similar traction as natural and infill turf system.

Once again NEXXFIELD proved that NEXXFIELD is simple, Innovative and proven.


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