What potential health hazards are associated with crumb rubber
To date, the health risks associated with crumb rubber are still under study. Conflicting reports and test results exist regarding the potential leaching of heavy metals and volatile compounds found in crumb rubber. Nexxfield does not support a position on the risks or lack of risk when using crumb rubber. In a preventive way, NEXXFIELD developed the NEXXFILL products as a safe alternative infill.
How do I make sure GripDress is installed in my field?
It is important that you work with your project manager and architect in the early planning, bidding and design stages to make sure that FlexSand Action is your specified infill. Nexxfield product managers will work with your installers and architects to ensure that FlexSand Action meets your specific application needs.
What does it mean that GripDress-FlexSand Action uses an FDA approved elastomer?
One of the elastomers used is approved by the FDA for use with fresh cut produce, meats, and cheeses. It is also used for personal hygiene products as well.
Is the elastomer coating of the GripDress going to wear off over time?
The elastomer coating used on GripDress-FlexSand products is thermally bonded to the quartz. Extensive wear and abrasion tests have proven the product’s outstanding durability and reliability. You can be confident that the product will withstand any and all normal playing conditions, and Mineral Visions stands behind the warranty offered by your field installer. Please see the technical guides posted on this website for the latest test data on FlexSand Action.
Can the infill have an effect on the field temperature?
Research has proved that the color of the infill material has a significant influence on the temperature of the pitch. The light color infill can results in a low pitch temperature. This can reduces foot perspiration and lowers the risk of skin burns or skin irritation after a sliding tackle.
NEXXFILL is based on a compound without the use of black. Therefore it is possible to choose the most natural and/or functional “back-ground” color. For the most natural effect NEXXFILL can be supplied in a brown and beige color. This result is a lower temperature of the pitch.
Internal investigation performed at the Nexxfield’s Laboratory showed that the use of a TPE-TPO infill can reduce the field temperature by 10°C at an ambient temperature of 37°C.


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